You know those moments when you’re at a shop or café and it’s time to pay, but you have a toddler who is attempting to swing like Spider Man from one arm and you’re rocking the pram in the other because your baby is crying, or he’s asleep and you know how crucial it is that he gets this sleep so you don’t want to make any sudden movements, but your wallet is somewhere in the baby bag and the thought of reaching for it literally brings on anxiety because you know it could all lead to disaster?

Or, what about when you’re at the supermarket and you’ve done the weekly shop, packed the bags into the trolley and avoided any monumental meltdowns, to then realise you don’t have your wallet and you don’t know whether it’s in the car or at home somewhere under a pile of washing. That moment when your heart sinks and the anxiety creeps in again because while you try to come up with an excuse to leave, your toddler has just opened a kinder surprise and has chocolate all over their face?!

Yep, I know you’re all nodding because it happens to us ALL!

At least one of the above scenarios happens to me on a weekly basis, and therefore I try very hard to avoid them!

That was until I was introduced to the Bankwest Halo payment ring. A ring that works the same way as a debit or credit card, but you wear it! Halleluiah!

Which means no more shuffling through your bag or wallet trying to find your card, you simply wear the ring. It doesn’t need pairing with your smartphone, or charging AND it’s water resistant to 50m. So you can literally take it anywhere and have your funds at your fingertips.


Motherhood is chaotic even on the good days … anything that makes my life easier makes me a happy lady!

P1281724 copy.jpeg


*This is a sponsored post brought to you in partnership with Bankwest. It is important you make your own decision.