7 x World Surfing Champion

Jessica is an inspirational young woman, changing peoples lives through her own experiences of adversity and hardship. My Aim For The Stars Foundation is proud to support Jessica's vision of a Revolution of change, creating a world of understanding, tolerance, compassion and hope.

Ch9 Reporter

I first heard her speak in Sydney in 2010 and Jessica presented one of the most engaging and compelling stories I have ever heard. And I have heard many! ... Jessica Smith is a truly inspirational Australian and she has an inspirational story to share with you.

Olympian & Commonwealth Games Medallist

Jessica is a polished and motivational speaker.  Jessica draws from her own personal experiences to effectively paint a personal landscape that will give audiences insight to grow personal strength and bring about personal change. There is no one better to tell you about the journey than someone who is on that journey.

Radio Announcer - Hit 92.9FM (Heidi, Will & Woody)

Jess is an incredible human. She has been through so much in her life and is hugely successful even after all the road blocks. She is very well spoken and opens up in a soft and warm manner & you're instantly drawn into her calming energy. Jess is not only a friend but an inspiring role model for women today. 

Ch10 News Presenter

Such a powerful voice for impressionable minds. Jessica has an important story to share with self-haters.. anyone who’s ever thought they’re flawed. She motivates us to fight our inner demons and rediscover our true beauty.

Executive Manager,  Department of Sport and Recreation WA & Former Broadcaster at 6PR

From my point of view, and I MC a lot of functions and presentations, the thing that stood out for me was not only your articulation but the generous way you linked in with the other panellists and the audience. This takes intelligence and experience.

Regional Director - Michael Page

Thanks again for your presentation tonight, it was fantastic. Very honest, inspirational and had such great purpose. The feedback from all the attendees has been outstanding. We host a range of events for our various clients, and we will be in touch for any future events.

Owner at SAVVY Fitness

I've had the pleasure of listening to Jessica speak numerous times & each time she manages to be just as inspirational as the last. Her story will touch your heart & her positive approach to life will leave you feeling motivated & ready to tackle any challenge.