Like most women, my skin has changed dramatically thanks to pregnancy. 

With all the changes going inside our body, hormones and immune system shifts, it's hardly surprising that changes show up on the outside (apart from the bump of course).

During both my pregnancies my skin became so sensitive I could no longer use the products I had been using for years, which was really frustrating because I didn't experience the 'pregnancy glow' that people talk about. I wanted my skin to look good, but up until recently I wasn't able to find products that were of any benefit. 

I've been searching for skincare products that suit my sensitive skin, don't contain any nasties and are also affordable. 

The other really important thing for me is to use a skincare range that is simple and easy. 

I recently discovered the Blessed By Nature range and have been trialling different products for over a month now. 

I've been using the Deep Cream Cleanser, Antioxidant Night Restoring Cream, Sensitive Moisturiser and the Multi Effect Tinted Moisturiser.

I know a lot of women experience similar changes and so I've decided to document how I'm using this range and whether or not I notice any changes in my skin over the next month or two. 

So far I've found the range to be very soothing for my skin, and I've received a lot of positive comments from people.

What I love about Blessed by Nature is that it's an Australian brand, using ingredients that are obtained locally from the most sustainable sources. The packaging is recyclable and they don't test on animals. And the best part - the range is affordable.

You can purchase products from Priceline stores. 

I'll do another blog in a few weeks to documents my progress so stay tuned!