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Jessica Smith is on a mission to empower young women & men to REVOLUTIONISE their body image and self esteem.

She is a speaker, mentor, writer and the founder of ‘JOIN THE REVOLUTION’ a social media campaign created to promote POSITIVE body image.

Born missing her left forearm and then suffering third degree burns to 15% of her body as a toddler, the former Paralympian understands negative body image better than most and is using her personal experience to educate and empower young people around the world.

Over the past few years Jessica has presented to thousands of students and assisted schools and communities with programs aimed at self-development among young Australians, and was recently awarded ‘Emerging Leader’ by the Australian Government at the Positive Body Image Awards.

Jessica’s ability to connect and engage with young women and men in a way that is honest and exciting has established her as one of Australia’s most sought after presenters and motivational speakers.

Jessica is an Ambassador for the following organisations:

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Jessica is the WA Representative for:


Jessica wants you to JOIN THE REVOLUTION and do your part to help promote POSITIVE BODY IMAGE

Print this POSTER then upload it to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram … and help create a positive change. JOIN THE REVOLUTION

To learn more about Jessica and her incredible story watch this clip

Jessica has been featured in the following media:

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