So, I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and my motivation to cook meals for my family has dwindled, to say the least!

I just have no inspiration at the moment! I’m tired, sore and have so many moments when I just cannot be bothered. But of course, being a mum, you never really get ‘time off’.

So, when I recently discovered the new campaign created by Hello Fresh -  ‘Flavour Generator’, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I’m all for a bit of fun and anything that makes my life easier, and I know that many (all) of you are the same. So let me introduce you to Flavour Generator!

You simply go online to ‘'Flavour Generator’ and choose from different cuisines and flavours that you are craving and it generates a recipe for you!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.39.43 pm.png

Since meeting my hubby my desire for middle eastern food has increased considerably, but often I don’t know what exact flavours to use … no dramas, I simply put in my desires and the Flavour Generator does the rest. It is so awesome!

You are given a choice of two recipes, as well as a list of ingredients and the cooking method, it’s that simple.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.40.00 pm.png

So tonight, the family will be enjoying the flavoursome grilled chicken with saffron spiced freekeh and zhatar!

Dinner is SOLVED! 


Jessica x