BATH - Travelling with kids

We took the train from London to Bath with our two kids plus our Stokke pram.

The Stokke pram is fantastic, I have used it every single day since Ayla was born (almost three years) and it has been all over the world with us. I love it, however, it is a bit bulky for traveling. So even though I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a reliable sturdy pram, it is bulky.

Traveling for work when you have two small children means they come with you! My daughter is 2.5 years old and my son is 8 months old, so they are too young to leave at home. The only time I've been away from my daughter was for the few days I was in hospital when my son was born.

I breastfeed and my son refuses to take a bottle, so even if I wanted to express (which I can't by the way) it would be a waste of time.

So as we are currently traveling through the UK and Europe for my work, it means it's also a family work trip! 

I recently spoke at a conference in Bath, and we decided to spend two nights there so that we could do a little sightseeing.


We took the train from London, which was about a 2.5 hour journey. The scenery was absolutely stunning.

We arrived into Bath early afternoon and decided to walk to our hotel. 

I had my son in the baby carrier and we took our Stokke pram (but we didn't pack it up in the travel bag because it's too bulky, so decided just to keep it together while on the train - we parked it in the section for luggage, thankfully there was enough space)

It was about a 15 minute walk to our apartment. Fantastic location, and gorgeous rooms. But there is no elevator so my por husband had to carry our luggage and the pram up two/three flights of stairs. 


Bath is truly beautiful. One of my all time favourite places to visit in the UK.

The architecture and tradition is something we don't see in Australia, so I was in awe of the beautiful buildings and designs. We did a bit of walking around the city centre and found a great Lebanese place for dinner (here)

Our first night in Bath was also our fourth night in the UK so we were still struggling a bit with jet lag. After an early dinner we decided to get some sleep early, and we obviously needed it because the four of us (kids included) slept wonderfully.

Our first morning in Bath we decided to visit ... the Baths!
We stopped off for a lovely breakfast at ... which is directly opposite the Baths.

We got to the Baths just before opening (ideal). 


As I get older I appreciate places like this so much more and am fascinated as to how and why inventions like this were originally created.

After a bit of sightseeing it was back to the apartment. I had to go to work, and thankfully for my husband both kids went down for a nap (so typical that they BOTH go down at the same time while he is alone with them!!)

I spoke at the Appearance Matters conference - I helped to open the conference and was also identified as a global influencer for positive body image. To learn more about the conference please go here

That evening it was more walking and sightseeing. I have finally accepted that travel photos for the next year will feature me with at least one child attached to me!


Bath is a gorgeous place to visit whether you have kids or not. There were so many cool bars and restaurants that I would have loved to check out - but you know, kids! 

That being said, there is a lot to do for families;
Roman Baths
Bath Abbey
Walk to the Circus/Royal Cresent
Royal Victoria Park

Our last day in Bath, I was back at the conference, this time with my son in the carrier and sleeping - mum life at it's finest! 

After listening to presentations and learning about current research findings, it was time to pack up and head toward the train station again. 

We had a few hours to spare so decided to jump on one of the red double-decker buses to see we had missed ... it turns out we hadn't missed anything. We had literally walked the entire route of the sightseeing tour!

This time our train journey back to London was a little longer, about 3 hours due to more stops along the way. 

We arrived back into London at rush hour! Waterloo station was hectic! And, we had our pram ... not ideal where there are literally thousands of people commuting home from work, but it was fine.

One thing I will mention though ... not all train stations in London are accessible (which I found alarming) we were constantly searching for the lift but a lot of stations simply don't have them, which meant we had to very carefully manoeuvre up and down the escalators!

Where we stayed:
Hidingspace Westgate Apartments

Where we ate: 
Lebanese -
Breakfast & Coffee - 
Pizza -

Top things to do and see with your Family: 
Roman Baths
Bath Abbey
Walk to the Circus/Royal Cresent
Royal Victoria Park