Women have long been known for their resilience and ability to travel often-horrendous journeys and arrive in a place of joy and giving. In 2016, author Clare McAlaney set out to learn the stories of 16 such women and share them in a new book simply called, 16 Inspirational WA Women.

Clare McAlaney

Clare McAlaney

What she learned had her weeping at her desk and left her feeling inspired to give more and step into her own personal strengths, amazed at the humility and generosity of these women; each with a very different story, and each determined to make a difference on the planet.

On March 8th 2016, Business Women Australia will host its launch corresponding with International Women’s Day, centred around inspiring women leaders. The upcoming ‘Inspirational Women’ luncheon at Fraser’s in Perth, presented by Bank West, will feature Angie Paskevicius, 2015 Telstra WA Business Woman of the year.

“The inspirational International Women’s Day luncheon is an integral component of Business Women Australia’s efforts to celebrate and help build leadership among women using inspiring stories that are motivational and cultivate success,” explains Jennifer Rose Bryant, Managing Director of the company. “Hosting this event gives all women a forum to step up as successful businesswomen, offering a fantastic opportunity for the community to hear how women are able to not only survive, but thrive.”

Guests include many of the 16 contributors to the book, including Carina Hoang, a bestselling author and award-winning publisher. In 1975 she and her family were persecuted by the Vietnamese powers that took over rule, and fled eventually by boat. Pillaged by pirates and pushed back into Indonesian waters by Malaysian police, they were allowed to stay on a deserted island. Her story of death and disease is timely given Australia’s stance to refugees and was applauded by the late and honourable past Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser. Carina has since launched Western Australia’s first Vietnamese newspaper and has assisted hundreds locate the remains of deceased family members, innocent victims of the ravages of war.

She is joined by Lhani Davies, mother of Liam Davies who was murdered by methanol poisoning in 2013 near Bali. She fights for the correct treatment of this very disturbing and growing trend that kills hundreds across Asia, including both locals and tourists.

Another humble star is Jessica Smith, Paralympian who now helps young women overcome body issues and build confidence. She suffered bulimia and anorexia, leading to her crashing and failing at the event she was meant to remember for glory.

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The premise of the book was founded on not only sharing stories, but sharing the gift of women, one country to another. Praise for 16 Inspirational WA Women This book acknowledges the beginnings of 16 Western Australian women, the unique people and experiences that shaped them, their incredible journeys, and the trails they’ve blazed. They are pioneers in their fields of endeavour, and in their fields of dreams, and they are truly inspirational.
Foreword by The Right Honourable Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth

Extraordinary people come into our lives every day and we can meet them in the most unexpected of places. The inspirational women celebrated in this book have different stories to tell but share common qualities of strength, humility, resilience and determination. Whatever your own personal journey, allow these women to create a moment for you to stop and reflect, be thankful, or remind yourself of the strength you have within when you look for it. And when you’re done, pass the book and your own less than ordinary story, along to the next extraordinary woman you meet.
Cath Stone– Head of Customer Strategy, Jetstar Airways

I was moved, inspired and grateful that these amazing women shared their stories. They remind us that inspirational women don’t have to be famous or rich or have degrees to have an impact on this world.
Laki Baker - Television Producer Channel 9, Perth


About Clare McAlaney Clare is successful author, designer and publisher of 11 books. Four of her own titles are bestsellers in the Indonesian market, focussing on the nearby island of Bali. She consults and publishes for women in the business world and donated her time in order to bring this book about. She lives between Bali and Perth.
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