You know those moments when you’re at a shop or café and it’s time to pay, but you have a toddler who is attempting to swing like Spider Man from one arm and you’re rocking the pram in the other because your baby is crying, or he’s asleep and you know how crucial it is that he gets this sleep so you don’t want to make any sudden movements, but your wallet is somewhere in the baby bag and the thought of reaching for it literally brings on anxiety because you know it could all lead to disaster?

Or, what about when you’re at the supermarket and you’ve done the weekly shop, packed the bags into the trolley and avoided any monumental meltdowns, to then realise you don’t have your wallet and you don’t know whether it’s in the car or at home somewhere under a pile of washing. That moment when your heart sinks and the anxiety creeps in again because while you try to come up with an excuse to leave, your toddler has just opened a kinder surprise and has chocolate all over their face?!

Yep, I know you’re all nodding because it happens to us ALL!

At least one of the above scenarios happens to me on a weekly basis, and therefore I try very hard to avoid them!

That was until I was introduced to the Bankwest Halo payment ring. A ring that works the same way as a debit or credit card, but you wear it! Halleluiah!

Which means no more shuffling through your bag or wallet trying to find your card, you simply wear the ring. It doesn’t need pairing with your smartphone, or charging AND it’s water resistant to 50m. So you can literally take it anywhere and have your funds at your fingertips.


Motherhood is chaotic even on the good days … anything that makes my life easier makes me a happy lady!

P1281724 copy.jpeg


*This is a sponsored post brought to you in partnership with Bankwest. It is important you make your own decision.


Like most women, my skin has changed dramatically thanks to pregnancy. 

With all the changes going inside our body, hormones and immune system shifts, it's hardly surprising that changes show up on the outside (apart from the bump of course).

During both my pregnancies my skin became so sensitive I could no longer use the products I had been using for years, which was really frustrating because I didn't experience the 'pregnancy glow' that people talk about. I wanted my skin to look good, but up until recently I wasn't able to find products that were of any benefit. 

I've been searching for skincare products that suit my sensitive skin, don't contain any nasties and are also affordable. 

The other really important thing for me is to use a skincare range that is simple and easy. 

I recently discovered the Blessed By Nature range and have been trialling different products for over a month now. 

I've been using the Deep Cream Cleanser, Antioxidant Night Restoring Cream, Sensitive Moisturiser and the Multi Effect Tinted Moisturiser.

I know a lot of women experience similar changes and so I've decided to document how I'm using this range and whether or not I notice any changes in my skin over the next month or two. 

So far I've found the range to be very soothing for my skin, and I've received a lot of positive comments from people.

What I love about Blessed by Nature is that it's an Australian brand, using ingredients that are obtained locally from the most sustainable sources. The packaging is recyclable and they don't test on animals. And the best part - the range is affordable.

You can purchase products from Priceline stores. 

I'll do another blog in a few weeks to documents my progress so stay tuned!


Swimming has been a huge part of my life from as far back as I can remember.
Most of my childhood memories are of my brothers and I splashing about in our backyard pool.

I’ve always loved the water.

Like most Aussies, I can’t imagine my life without either a pool or the surf close by.

But our traditional past time is one that requires caution. Growing up I certainly took for granted my ability to swim and survive in the water, but becoming a parent has prompted me to not only ensure that my kids learn how to swim, but that I am always supervising.  Because as fun as the water is, it’s only safe while you’re watching.

This summer, Royal Life Saving is urging parents not to be complacent about their child’s safety around water.

New research has revealed the tragic impact drowning has had on toddlers in the past 15 years. 461 children under the age of 5 have died due to drowning, an average of 31 per year, of which half were in home pools and spas.  Active adult supervision either lapsed or was completely absent in ALL cases. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, even more so because it’s preventable.

For every toddler drowning death, approximately ten children are admitted to hospital as a result of non-fatal drowning. Although they survive, many suffer lifelong consequences.

There are so many cases that I could detail here, but to be honest, I find it too traumatic to share the details of the devastating loss that so many families experience. As a parent, I cannot begin to imagine the complete despair and anguish.

As parents we have a responsibility to always be supervising, no matter what.
The water is a power unto it’s own. Even as a strong swimmer I have found myself at the mercy of the power of water on many occasions.  Yet thankfully due to years of experience I’ve learnt how to respect the water as well as appreciate my own abilities and limits.

Toddlers aren’t able to distinguish hazards, and they don’t know their own abilities yet.  When we are near the water - Our children deserve ALL of our attention, ALL of the time!

Be prepared. Be close. All of your attention. All of the time.

For more information and to read the research in full please go to


There is something truly magical about the city of Melbourne. Around every corner is a hidden laneway bustling with people, shops and of course delectable coffee.

There is something to see and do for everyone no matter how young or old.

Of course exploring Melbourne city as a family is very different to exploring it as care-free singletons or a loved up couple. Gone are the days of late night wanders from one establishment to another, and hello to family friendly events that end early and have us tucked up in bed before 10pm. Although they’re still exhausting!

So, in order to slow down, we spent the weekend at the Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto hotel. It was so nice to not have to worry about who’s cooking what and whose turn it is was to clean.

IHG Foyer.jpg

We wanted to challenge ourselves to rediscover our own city – see something we haven’t seen before, do something outside the usual routine of bedtimes and washing and… did I mention washing?

We spent our first night just relaxing as a family, something that we don’t get to do all that often. We all hopped into bed and watched cartoons … like I said, life is very different with two young children.

IHG Room.jpg

And what better way to end our first night than to order room service! In our robes and slippers, we feasted on an amazing meal, as well as cheeky chips for my daughter!

IHG Room Service.jpg

Our first full day of exploring was slightly hindered by the unpredictable Melbourne weather. It really is true when they say that you feel four seasons in one day! But of course that didn’t stop us from getting out and walking the beautiful streets to discover more hidden gems.

We visited the Gingerbread Village by Epicure at the stunning Melbourne Town Hall. Some of the city’s most recognisable landmarks were on display, and they looked delicious!

IHG Gingerbread.jpg

It was then off to Bourke street to do some shopping! It’s so magical that our Australian summer coincides with Christmas, the streets were decorated, the shops were festive and the carols were humming.

We stopped for coffee, lunch, coffee, ice cream and then of course more coffee (this city is superb for new mums … I didn’t once feel tired).

IHG Ice Cream.jpg

The Upper West Side Street Art Precinct was one of my favourite places. We arrived just as the artists were in the middle of designing their pieces. It’s amazing to see creativity come to life.

Now as a mother of 2 children under 2, the thought of having a moment to myself is usually a fleeting one that occurs while I’m in the midst of piles of washing! But, I got to experience an hour of indulgence at the Botanica Day Spa. It was glorious. A full hour of peace and tranquillity while being pampered.


We are certainly spoilt for choice in Melbourne when it comes to restaurants. We struggled to decide where to eat dinner, but we couldn’t go past Gazi.

Sophisticated and fun Greek street food from celebrity chef George Calombaris. My taste buds are watering just reminiscing how delicious the food was. Myself and my husband have always been foodies, so when it came to ordering we had to go all out and have a bit of everything! And we were not disappointed. From breads and dips to perfectly cooked tuna and hearty souvlaki, the food was delicious.

IHG Gazi.jpg
IHG Gazi Dinner.jpg

It was such a fun and vibrant place to spend our evening, and yes we took the kids! The staff were so friendly and accommodating, it’s safe to say this is a new favourite.

After an incredible day seeing Melbourne with fresh eyes, we were home and tucked up by 10pm.

IHG’s Summer of Possibilities was the perfect inspiration for us to make the most of our time together as a family and really reconnect with one another.

Thanks to IHG you can experience this too! By simply sharing a photo/video of something that has inspired you to experience something new this summer, you or your family, you could have the chance to win a $1,000 accommodation voucher to the IHG of your choice either within Australia or New Zealand, be quick, the competition ends on 31st January

I now challenge Lana (@lanajf) to explore her summer of possibilities .

Intercontinental Melbourne