Moving house is exciting, but it's also stressful and exhausting when you considering all the packing and cleaning that you need to do.

In the past five years we have moved house four times, so I've become good at packing and cleaning especially for rental inspections. But throw two young kids into the mix, and my goodness it can become almost impossible to get anything done.

So this time I outsourced! I knew I would need help so I contacted the team from Fantastic Services. 

Fantastic Services is basically your assistant for all your home cleaning and maintenance needs. With 25+ specialised services to choose whether it be cleaning, gardening or rubbish removal,  your home or office demands professional attention and Fantastic Services can provide just that! Over a thousand fully qualified service technicians and cleaning specialists have joined the Fantastic crew to deliver valuable expertise and showcase their passion for what they do.


We had the end of lease cleaning service which is unlimited by time, meaning the cleaners stay until the entire checklist is complete. Everything from the kitchen and dreaded oven to the toilets, carpets and fan vents. 

Our place looked amazing, and most importantly .. we got our bond back! 

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before ... 



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